New little Beltline extensions 2019

Complete as of late March from Wylie to Kirkwood Ave. They took a while to get the curb cuts and traffic table in place so this little twenty foot section was fenced up for six months.

The section from Kirkwood to Memorial looks like it will be a while. It’s complete to the north end of the 1920’s era Atlanta & West Point Depot, but from there remains completely undone.

There’s supposed to be some GDOT work on Memorial that they may be waiting on before getting the nice new Beltline trail surface in place.

As of mid-April, they opened the old rail siding that went to the Ford auto factory. Nice wayfaring signs to separate beltline traffic.

Keep Right!

It will be really nice to have the new entrance to Kroger open. Here’s the soon-to-be door that will be right on the trail:

Then we’ll really see the competition between Trader Joe vs Kroger for Beltliners carrying their shopping home.

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