Last section of NE Beltline is poured

Between Piedmont Park and the Krog Street tunnel only had one little unfinished part which was waiting on the completion of The Edge condo building. It’s pretty much done now but the segment isn’t officially connected yet although you can walk on the south part.

I love how they connected the east and west parts with the pedestrian bridge which echoes the salvaged bridge over Krog Street. The enormous sculptures are a lion, Godzilla and a large bull made of weathered iron. Funny that they went with palm trees here. There’s also a line of palms near their pool.

When this is officially open, you’ll be able to get from Kirkwood (where they’re finishing the bridge), along Wylie, through the Krog Tunnel then all the way to Monroe and 10th Street on the Beltline.

I didn’t catch the light very good, but here’s the bull sculpture and the future home of Shake Shack

The marketing site for The Edge has this rendering

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