Atlanta Has Another Gifford Lecturer!

For the third time in 130 years, the Gifford Lecture will be given by an Atlantan. Emory philosopy professor Robert McCauley will give the lectures in 2020-2021 at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He is the founding directory of Emory’s Center for Mind, Brain and Culture.

Previously, Atlanta was represented by Jürgen Moltmann in the mid-1980’s and by Lynne Rudder Baker in 2001.

This lecture series has produced some amazing work over the years. Standouts include

  • Hannah Arendt 1974 Life of the Mind (Willing is her masterpiece, in my opinion)
  • Karl Barth 1938 Knowledge and Service of God
  • Henri Bergson 1914 The Problem of Personality
  • William James 1902 Varieties of Religious Experience
  • Iris Murdoch 1982 Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals
  • Karl Niebuhr 1940 Nature and Destiny of Man
  • Martha Nussbaum 1992 A Theory of the Emotions
  • Carl Sagan 1985 Varieties of Scientific Experienc (a nice play on the William James classic)
  • Richard Sorabji 1996 Emotion and Peace of Mind
  • Arnold Toynbee 1953 An Historian’s Approach to Religion
  • Clement C.J. Webb 1918 God and Personality (a forgotten gem, you can find on )
  • Alfred North Whitehead 1928 Process and Reality

Looking forward to what he presents.
Here’s the official notice

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