The Atlanta Sound, circa 1969

I love this Billy Joe Royal album from right in the middle of the string of hits he recorded from fellow-Atlantan Joe South’s songwriting. Undisputed classics like “Hush, hush, thought I heard you callin’ my name”, “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”, “Games People Play” and of course “Down in the Boondocks”. These were some strong tracks and the talent pool fed right into Atlanta Rhythm Section (detailed in the excellent new authorized band history ) and all the work Al Kooper did when he came down here from NYC (detailed in his autobiography ).

This is the back side of “Cherry Hill Park” (not a Joe South tune)

I like the little description

To be a part of the “Atlanta Sound” is to feel the warmth and sensitivity that’s always around you…. He has it and he shares it with you. He loves love, he loves life, and you come to believe it…. I think you’ll understand

Keep in mind, they only had another year or two before South spent 5 years in Maui getting his life back together. Anyways, there’s one definition of the “Atlanta Sound”.

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  1. Stevie P says:

    Ah so perhaps you remember the group Spontaneous Generation from Sylvan Hills who almost made it big with “Up In My Mind” ? Check out

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