Last post of 2017

A little holiday cheer left at Krog Street Market

Young and old, good crowds and good food!

Krog City Market opened in 2014 in a complex of buildings that for years was used by Barbizon (the modeling and acting company) then most recently as Tyler Perry’s main studio. The old building that houses The Collective store on the corner of Waddell and Lake was moved east about 80 feet from its original location in the middle of the block. They moved the historic home on two long steel rails and they completely rebuilt the foundations when they renovated it. The main market is going through some turnover in restaurants but remains a strong mix of concepts. The one I miss most was the restaurant that the Spotted Trotter folks had (Cockentrice), not missed as much was the Luminary. This seems so much more vibrant than Ponce City Market’s food hall but maybe I haven’t caught it on the right day. Awesome that we’re keeping all of these unusual historic buildings!

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