Bookstore memorabilia

I loved the quote on the Border’s bookmark (this was where party city in Buckhead is now); that’s the original location of the Science Fiction & Mystery bookshop: it was on Cheshire Bridge for 10 years or so then briefly over by I-85 and Shallowford — Steven, are you still out there??

OK, Charis is still in Little Five, but about to move over by Agnes Scott in Decatur.

I goes without saying how much I miss Oxford Books. I was just thinking about their magazine section the other day. It was sooo amazing and I had been to the old news stand in Harvard Yard many times as well as the one in Grand Central Terminal a lot in the 1990’s so I know whereof I speak. For those who never got to experience the store on Pharr Road: it was in an old car dealership and the east corner was a giant bulbed-out windowed cylinder: I think they used to call those “dazzle corners” or something in the auto trade. The magazine and newspaper section filled the whole thing and was always kept nice and neat and stocked with hundreds and hundreds of periodicals and even scholarly journals. Of course, nothing of the sort could exist today but it was great to have while we could. Peachtree Battle store was also pretty amazing and, of course, the used bookstore “Oxford Too” was a jewel as well. OK, I’ll shut up now 🙂

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