City Fabric in a Book?

Looks like Tim Keane and co in the planning department have joined up with Ryan Gravel to put together a practical guide to achieving Atlanta’s aspirations for a knitted together fabric of a city. I love the idea. From Amy Wenk’s article in the Business Chronicle:

“The book lays out a vision and identity for the city,” said Gravel… “It’s an aspiration for the city’s future.”… quite unusual for a city government, said Tim Keane, Atlanta’s planning commissioner. “It’s a design for the city. This is something that Atlanta has been missing. We need to understand Atlanta as a physical place… The highways have so impacted Atlanta and broken the fabric of neighborhoods and between nature.”

And here’s a link for an article on SaportaReport

It’s due at the beginning of November 2017 and should be over 400 pages. I’m pretty pumped. Chicago is putting together something of the sort but geared towards students going to city schools. It’s called “No Small Plans” and should be out early fall. Here’s what the drawing style will be:

There was a successful Kickstarter campaign and my copy should be coming in a month. Excited!

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