Midtown Bowl back in the day

There was a time when the Midtown Bowl bowling alley was really run down, the walls were covered in 1970’s wood paneling, it stunk of ancient cigarettes and the food was terrible. There was a lounge in there, though: Sugar Daddy’s!

1973 phone book

“Atlanta’s Fun-Filled Spot: Open at 4:00 P.M. until the wee hours; Live entertainment & dancing nitely; complimentary hors d’oeuvre during cocktail hours; plenty of free parking”

With this enigmatic tagline: “Come See Us. It’s Not What You Think It Is”

Anybody have a clue what that was supposed to mean?

I recently heard a kind of cool story about the old bowling alley: ten or so years ago a developer bought the run-down property and planned to tear it down and fill the lot with apartments. As they started running the numbers on the business, they realized they had a pretty steady revenue stream and started to look at their options. They decided to do a total renovation in mid-century modern as it was the golden age of bowling, bring in quality food and add craft beer. It’s been doing well ever since. Sadly Sugar Daddy’s didn’t make the cut

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