19 Hilliard Street

Well, from what I can tell that’s the address. There’s hasn’t been a business there since the 1930’s. I believe it was the the Trio Laundry and later the Tanner Laundry. It’s about 40 feet south of the new streetcar tracks that just got laid on Edgewood Ave and backs into Noni’s. Here’s a view of the front facing the tracks

ImageCheck out the south side of the building. Can you say rooftop bar?

ImageAnother view west towards downtown with the Brush building (condos?)

ImageThe rear again. This vantage point is about 20 feet from Noni’s patio

ImageAnother view of the front, this time facing south east. Just look at that brick work!

ImageSo, what do you think? How about a great brew pub? Most of the structure has no roof, so you could move in your fermenters via crane. How simple! The building is owned by the Atlanta Housing Authority. How hard it is to purchase or long-term-lease from them? The bones of this building look terrific and from what I can tell, there is no 2nd flooring in place so you really could do a huge brewing operation. Somebody save this sucker!

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