East Atlanta grocery

This was the old A&P grocery on Flat Shoals in East Atlanta. More recently an antique market which was when they added the crappy columns out front.

With the drop ceiling out, this turns into an awesome space. They’re planning a gastropub to open in the fall and I’m very curious about what they’re going to fill it up with. Performance space? Future brewpub?

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  1. newtreeguy says:

    Here’s a letter the owners sent to East Atlanta. Sounds great

    Greetings neighbors,

    I am writing on behalf of myself (Donald Durant), Ben Rhoades, and Armando Celentano. We have recently purchased the A&P building at 470 Flat Shoals Ave. I’d like to brief everyone of our plans as we have owned the building for a month now and many are curious. Folks are starting to speculate and I’ve even heard rumors that we are opening a nightclub, or a live music venue which is not true. We are all very excited though, and in fact plan to open it as a restaurant by summer/fall of next year. We have many ideas that will bring life to the property and provide safer parking for the area. We are currently in the later stages of clearing out the building to get it ready to rebuild.

    Our vision is that of a Brooklyn inspired gastropub style restaurant that will be unique to East Atlanta Village and to the city of Atlanta. While I can’t give specifics on the menu at this time, it will range from fun/creative, to upscale comfort food, and the atmosphere will be a hip, cool and friendly place that people our age (mid thirties) and younger or older will enjoy. We plan to keep the exterior integrity of the building intact with the exception of the crack den at the rear of the building, the broken glass in many of the parking spaces, and maybe the silly double door and picket fence attached to the upper facade.

    We intend to build and operate on the “greenest” platform possible, hopefully setting a trend for the neighborhood and all of Atlanta. We plan to use salvage wood wherever allowed for building, and plan to follow an aggressive recycling model for operation. We also want to invite any businesses in the neighborhood to use our recycling facilities at any time.We plan to also make improvements to the street facing side of the building that include an open air patio entrance while still keeping the current building front, making it more enticing and easily accessible from the sidewalk.

    I just wanted provide a little info on some of our intentions until we can meet everyone at a future neighborhood meeting. We all live within a few miles from EAV and have been frequenting the village for the last 15 years, having deep ties and friendships with many its residents, business owners and their employees. We hope everyone embraces our ideas with the same enthusiasm we have. We look forward to meeting you soon and hope to become a cherished asset to EAV and our wonderful city. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions or would like to view our floor plan please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards…

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